DC-3 Flights Resuming in April

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We have great news to announce!

We are now in the process of installing a completely rebuilt engine on our DC-3. This new engine will be installed in March.

We will then start performing our Break-in procedures and flights for the new engine. Once the mechanics have signed off on the paperwork we will then resume our Scenic flights. The plane should be ready late March, but we are giving ourselves a few extra weeks to prevent any flight cancellations.

We are now accepting flight reservations for April 5th – This is the Annual Riverside Airport Airshow. Come and join us and watch the airshow, then when the show is over we will take off for a scenic flight over the Inland Empire.

Our second date is the third Saturday April 19th at Chino Airport. Join us for a scenic flight over the Inland Empire.

As we progress with our flight testing we will start adding more flights and different airports to our schedule.

We thank everyone for your understanding during the last couple of months, and we are looking forward to returning to the skies over Southern California soon!

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