How do I redeem Voucher Codes

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First of all Thank you for purchasing a voucher ! We appreciate your business and look forward to our flight! We offer many different vouchers over the course of the year After you receive your online voucher code it may take up to 24 hours for it to become active in our system....

Tell me about the Christmas Light Flights

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Our Christmas Light Flights start the day after Thanksgiving and continue through January 4, 2014. We do not fly on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  

How long are the flights?

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Flight Times vary by aircraft: Our DC-3 Flights are a 40 minute flight experience which breaks down as follows: 5-10 minutes boarding 5 minutes taxi to Runway 20-25 minutes Air time 5 minutes taxi to terminal 5-10 minutes unloading T-6, PT-17, Great Lakes, and C170  Flight Times:...