Tell me about the Christmas Light Flights

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Our Christmas Light Flights start the day after Thanksgiving and continue through January 4, 2014. We do not fly on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

    • You must Book your flight online, email, or call us at 714-451-2061. If we don’t answer please leave your number and we will return your call ASAP. During our evening flights we will forward our phone number to our cell phones in case you get lost on the way to the airport
    • When booking a flight we will need your cell phone number and email so we can contact you if your flight is delayed or cancelled
    • Flights may be canceled for any reason including weather. We will make the call on the weather hopefully 24hrs before your flight. We will not compromise safety to complete a flight in bad weather. We may fly in overcast weather if the clouds are above our minimums, this is a decision of our professional pilots and staff. If you have any concerns please call us or email.
    • Each DC-3 Flight holds 18 passengers and our crew of three. We may move flights around to fill a given flight. You will be notified if there is any change in your flight time
    • If you miss your flight and did not cancel 24hours before your flight, your ticket will be void, as we expected you to show that evening and flew with an empty seat.
    • Please arrive 30 minute prior to your scheduled flight time so we may check you in, and sign our flight waiver
    • We reserve the right to cancel a flight for any reason. You will be rescheduled and your ticket will not expire if we cancel your flight. If you can’t fly we will refund your money.
    • The airplane is not heated or cooled, please dress accordingly
    • The airplane has two 1,200hp engines. These are loud, but we have installed insulation. If it is still too loud we will provide hearing protection
    • You will sit in a regular airline style seat with a seatbelt. After takeoff you are free to get up and move around the airplane, look in the cockpit, sit on the couches, and view the scenery out the windows
    • If you have any questions or concerns please email or call us



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