Long Beach Flight Location

Hello Long Beach DC-3 Participants,
It is getting close to our flight time. We look forward to meeting you and flying with you this weekend!
We will be meeting at a business called “AirFlite / Ross Aviation”. This is what’s called in aviation terms a FBO where general aviation planes embark on their travels. Please Note: It is not located next to the main passenger terminal where you are probably familiar with. AirFlite/Ross Aviation is located on AirFlite Way off of Wardlow and Cherry near the old Boeing C-17 Assembly buildings..
     Here you will discover the thrills of general aviation where we are able to walk directly to our waiting airplane without the hassles of dealing with the TSA.
PLEASE NOTE New LOCATION – AirFlite / Ross Avaition is a new location for our flights. Last year we were at Pacific Jet Center. Do not go to PJC! Follow the directions below to AirFlite / Ross Aviation
Here is a google map link to our meeting location.
The exact address is:
3250 Airflite Way
Long Beach, CA 90807
If you get lost please call our main phone number as we will have it forwarded to our cell phones. Phone: 714-451-2061
Please arrive for your flight 30 minutes before our scheduled time so we can check you in, and go over our pre-flight safety briefing, and bring any flight booking vouchers with you. Please don’t be late. We will depart on time. If you are late we will try to accommodate you on a later flight but it may be full.
It will be cold so please bring a jacket as the plane is not heated.
Thank you and see you in Long Beach
Gary Stark
Chief Flight Crew
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  1. Shelly Canfield

    What a fabulous experience! The crew was so interactive with us and gave such great information on the history of the plane. The pilots years of experience were obvious at both take-off and landing because we were expecting it to be a little rough with a plane that age but it was soooo smooth! Thanks guys for sharing such a beautiful piece of history with the public, this was an adventure none of us will forget!!!!