Murder Mystery Christmas Flights

This Christmas Season we are now offering a new experience.  Join us for an evening of mystery and mayhem as you solve the question: “Who Murdered General Arnold?”

It’s November 1945. General Henry “Hap” Arnold collapsed on the couch at the front of the airplane in the middle of the last flight. He was poisoned, although they tried to make it look like a heart attack. Were they trying to stop Project RAND – the think tank he had helped set up to connect military
planning with research and development decisions? Or were they jealous of his success as an aviation pioneer and the fact that the Wright Brothers had instructed him in flying? The people who were on that infamous flight have been gathered together to try and determine what happened and who killed him.


This is an interactive mystery where you our guest will play a character in our mystery. You will be assigned a character to play. As your character you will meet and mingle with the other guests to determine who committed the murder on that fateful night.

Our evening will start out with a buffet dinner as you mingle with the other guests.

After dinner we will board our 1943 Douglas DC-3, where the murder took place, so you can visualize where it happened. At this time we will depart for our 45 minute scenic flight to see the Christmas lights.

Upon landing we will disembark the plane, have some desert and solve the murder? Who did it? Where did they do it? How did they do it? Did your character commit the murder?

Come join us on this fun evening for a unique date night, or an evening out with friends. It’s one you will be talking about all year.

We will assign your role in the mystery a few days before the event.

2017 Dates:


Dec 16, 22

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