Join Wings of Valor for a exciting flight this Winter of 2016 to view the Christmas Lights from the sky. Join us for Hot chocolate, coffee, cookies and millions of Christmas lights as we fly low over the Los Angeles basin and view the Christmas Light Displays and city lights from our perspective at 1,000′ above ground level.

The exact itinerary varies by our departure airport.

Board our Historic DC-3 and let us fire up the twin 1,200 hp Pratt & Whitney 14 cylinder engines and take to the skies. Fly like the aviators of yesterday. Take a trip back in time when air travel involved dressing in your “Sunday Best” Clothes.

Experience the luxury of air travel circa 1945-1960, when legroom was generous. Enjoy getting out of your seat and having a conversation on the couch, or looking out the windows, and visit the cockpit and see what it takes to fly this historic airplane.

If you have a large group please call us to arrange booking a complete flight. Our plane holds 18 passengers per flight.



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